I want my sanity

Being raped by PCB in aggressive feelings can leave me anhedonic.
Please be careful and not support his overlyaggressiveness.

Torture engaged in on parallel format where it is claimed (but not happening by my own doing) to cajole me to anti-integrity, anti-constitution, anti-character, anti-uprighteousness.

This is done by prison guards to prisoners.  The prison guards do not have American citizenship and counterintuitive they engage in espionage compromise to encourage (a form of brainwashing) the imprisoned to attack American society any way they can upon release from detention for the sake of their dictator.

Same way, my partner and I have a strict budget.  So my partner and I stay st home and my brother, Philip Bertrum Devinsky, assumes I’m in detention in the home front.  He doesn’t pay rent upstairs.  I have interest in seeing him leave. I don’t even like the guy.

If someone would confirm it is in fact my brother doing  a sibling psychiatric offense (without brain disorder inflicted on me–a lot of chronic stress and distress involved that’s mentioned in the DSM4 and DSM5).

I don’t want this guy neae me.  I can get a no-contact order to remove him for a mile buffer around me (necessary I think because he rears the children up their buttocks and they’re all too wound up (or emotionally put down) around my immediate environs).

Please assist.

What’s pure puke from these so-called professionals is that PCB may be in house detention from Attica prison and Walla Walla prison and they give him the liberties to melt lead and pour liquid lead on to me in nano form. I feel the heat. I feel the weight. And what’s more, he attacks my genitalia to destroy my genes. Attacking my sex organs that the enemy doesn’t engage in.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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