Take a moment, for me and my friend’s liberal rights, for a moment.

Take a moment, for me and my friend’s liberal rights, for a moment.

See how PCB seethes with horror and terror he generates. Breathing in, he feels the anguish, pain, and sorrow of multitudes, exhales his terribleness as a great personality disorder, breathes in to his heart, emboldened by the persistent psychopath that he is.

For 35 years now someone he knows has taken his medication for a medical cause. Today, he intends to end that person’s freedom while he is in his fifties. The monies from savings pay the debt! He has enough money in two months if not on the 3rd of this very month. He criminally only looks at one account.

PCB looks at his finances when he signed for the VA to handle all his affairs in sickness and death.

He strips him of legitimate pride and honor, for his responsible behavior, when his behavior changed for a moment, because of sleeping pills from an antidepressant that regulates Serotonin (Trozodone). Washington State provided the educational material on Serotonin. He had an adverse reaction to the neurochemical–it made him hostile. He still acted according to Washington State law [internet: search “self-defense RCW”, then, “limitations”.] Look for the actual law there on the internet, paraphrasing, “to detain [using minimum force due to self-defense] in a secure building, to determine, “What the devil they were doing there?”

He was part owner of the building. They could not invoke the law on illness because: there was no indication there was a medical problem. They did not know for a fact that he had illness; therefore, they could not “enforce” that part of the law.

He acts responsible. He has enough money for both accounts to pay his bills. Perhaps better communication with his payer at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Olympia, WA would serve him the honorably discharged veteran, better.
Heuristically the payer or a National begins the process of singular and collective torture. The National assumes the role of “Supreme Ruler of the Universe” to get his hate to exact the pain, the affect–effect capable by communists and fascists in a state Lacking liberal (meant: individual constituents,’) rights.

The State of New Jersey, heuristically, meaning self-evident-“Thomas Jefferson” [and “heuristically, the factual book “Gut Feelings” written by one-time director of Max Plankt Institute for Human Development] is having a court order made against his freedom, against his Liberty, against any measure of happiness, to show America that the State constitutions are universal legally, that the State constitutions are unnecessary, and the Declaration of Independence is henceforth null, voided.

I show to you, for him, that as I write this, I am competent, rational, healthy, but disabled, and now he loses his freedom. And American beaureaucrats now have the precedent to do it to all constituents of this country, thus trampling on our rights and upon our foundational documents–that need reforming (evolving) during this crisis challenge we’re facing collectively, not the destruction of these legal documents!

Abraham Boulder.

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