Fateful Tyrants

Fateful Tyrants
**Disclaimer: salientUS World consciousness is an assumed occurrence, that would effect the naton in “aerie subtrate” of affect whereby intelligence is in the form of pain, including great, great pain!

The State has started reprogramming with statements like I’m everything, your nothing” psychological thrillers that will get worse and worse. Playing Catch-22 that political science, and therefore politicians focus on material in Objectivism, reducing a claimed unquantifiable incorporeal to the physical, advocating behavior science activism introduced by communism for forms of torture and Human meat cutting (I.e., the culinary arts at University of Washington and North Central College (a “community” college!!?

The “catch” is that while violently abusing the constituent, including in white collar crime, physical pain and damage, including the brain, they deny incorporeal! Then, at the same time they “turn on the screws” singularly or collectively (maybe not everyone at once, but Korea, as I understand it is in truly enormous pain as a nation group, and can expect more of the same StateUS, StateRussia, StateChina, perhaps StateJapan, and also StateIndia.

Continuing: I think there will be a “Moses hierarchy” whose business to be group leaders to harass, torture, exact punishment with anyone not conforming to the new State.

I don’t know how fast they will do it.  They may stop for a moment and flatly deny, but communist activism states, “do it, do it, do it some more–it may at first be insidious but once it develops the pace will quicken.”




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