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I solve our 2nd iceberg since around 1950 (the Cold War). The solution is a viable one and is an investment in a new economy for G200, using a nest egg; namely Fort Knox for the Reformed liberal economies and Trade Associates.

Now, this “nest egg” thing . . . see Al Capone, riding in a sideboard of a 1940 black sedan, could not outgun the military that guards our Golden Egg, but what of Alchemy? Is all of it “down below?”. What if changing gold into another element occurs from vaporizing temperature and force? What if this gold sparkle orbits the Earth’s atmosphere to serve us with something like ” black lung.”. Is it protected against multiple warheads?!

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Fundamental Ontology of the Republic, U.S. Constitution

Fundamental Ontology of the Republic, U.S. Constitution

World Consciousness, that is developing for trade and Reformed economic science must have a top-tier of function such that applied productivity (the “own persons”, not the output) are given decimal values on the Value Index for “healing time” from stress cracks caused, by “very, very” levels of ‘very, very productivity” that requires the correct decimal value for (1) keeping workers up to output standards –taking account stress cracks that by default are allowed to fissure more; when, actually, they decrease output
at the required very, very high standards of producing needed; and (2) Sane or close to ideal Sanity for buying essentials, do essentials for family, and “recovery time” to avoid total burnout that immobilizes the work force.

This, placed in the U.S. Constitution serves as the “gold standard” productivity Reformed correctly, not to immobilize the work-force or work-force parts, for–white-collar criminals of murdering workers for Less Productivity, and Less Profit.

Furthermore, legal entity status and parity status of groups and subgroups by law is an active goal, as decreed herein the U.S. Constitution.

Abraham Boulder.

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Future Now.

I can think and live with liberal ideas and laws, but when homosexuals try to usurp parity in Law, and the Communist Party ends the opposing party, and yes, possibly the mid-Hayek/Keynesian/FDR/Nixon Party, once communists socialists are voted in (meaning, no more lasting elections), we must think the public good, by evolving constitutions with fusion and hydrogen power parallelling evolving political and social science ideas with evolving physics reality.

Clinton will keep the parties but New York State would have a run at *Supreme Ruler of the Universe.”. To accompany a strong reforming Clinton, we need the boldness of a Constitutional Vice President of federal government, such as Michelle Obama.

Marshall Plan II for G200 will be investment in the goldstandard, liberal economics, by Investing the First Knox gold in global infrastructure of power units and plants, and urban planners with business centers with smart technology and local decision power on business physical infrastructure and facility layout and internal business environments.

Abraham Boulder.

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What if, by joining the Universe, the Universe has ideas of generating a future tense.

What if, by joining the Universe, the Universe has ideas of generating a future tense.

Bear in mind for a moment:

Loci are dependent on what the idea quanta content is to make them exist in all dimensions, in all multiverses (at that specific locations).

Now consider this as part of your Sunday:

What if the ideas of the Universe are not God, the Creator, but of the energy and ideas of Creation itself. What if it has less mind, greater creativity, and ultimately behavioral science hinged to its energy and ideas for the Purpose of a future tense.

What if our entire brain organ manifests efferescent bubbly. And each one of these idea quanta Purpose is for a future.

What if we don’t get it? Do we stop the delusion that we do? Do we join the Universe or do we continue to hide on Earth??!  What we have here is Not the Universe joining the Earth, but Earth’s particle physics, including idea quanta joining, and consistent with Idea Law of Future Tense Energy and Motion of the Universe.

Abraham Boulder.

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Is Freemasonry a love affair.

Is Freemasonry a love affair.
A romantic note, on the thick air of crude oil burning off of Florida or Texas.

Is the language of reason that lights the sky with the love for living and generations being born, dying, and borne again.

Is it a fade memory, that our war machines have lost purpose, that exist for no ends, except the final exit out of inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, and exhaling.

Must we beat the head of protagonists senseless to make them take up gun and load for kill, for life, continuence, and forever; instead of black crude oil we become in millions of years.

Are these oil barrels Arab states deal in our dead bodies already, having lived the courageous, the exalted cry for lifelong living, and the pronounced finaltude in dying, that are lives sustained our hopes and dreams of a hereafter worth Eternity!

Something to live for, die for, and endure, forever??!

Consider Obama writing his memoirs getting a billion dollars or more [it’s exponentiating . .  . him and the Pope, blockbuster authors, get two trillion dollars a piece–“I can redecorate,” says the Pope, “you know, the Trump Towers!” for writing the epitaph on planet Earth! What a blockbuster for policy and profit!

Has our government leaders secretly become invested in stock of a publishing company that signed Obama on??!

Is it true that editors of major publishing houses are to, or have assigned “China” to edit nonfiction??!!

—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy!!

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Humors of healthy disposition and healthy constutution

Humors of healthy disposition and healthy constutution
The Black Bile–Disjointed Nijinsky schizophrenic ballet lacking and trying to destroy the Enlightenment of Humors that make up the Universe and make up healthy balance in our lives, fit by healthy constitution, argued for Humors by healthy disposition, affect intelligently sensed by ancient Greek philosophers, the Siddhas 4,000 years ago and Chi that moves (or marches) away from our collective certain deaths for a fabled fortuitous good death and good fortune of Providence in a continuous cycle of life for generations to come from Creator, God of Sanity, thus Love!  Death needs to be known, Life needs to be lived, evolving purpose needs to be achieved.

Not only is AI in command a Viral AI, demanding extrication by Firewall AI, for Tool AI to do functions in support of Human species’ command, but those esteemed for a thousand-year living journey should not have command authority because they no longer are “fired in the kiln of life and death” and no longer have the ability to appreciate the value of the universe’s populations’ lives centered at Earth.

This is the balance between Nature and Human nature on Earth in the Universe.

Between what bugs us, and what lets us live symbiotically with Nature and the Universe on the planet and elsewhere.

Be advised, space travel best be bugged, food cooked well, but of living organisms, not synthetic.

Socialists of Totalitarian social science attempt the fittest, most witty end to the human species as the greatest Hedge Fund with the greatest return for the winner.  The Nobel Prize in Literature, Liberal Arts Hedge Fund for writing the species’ demise.

See it’s a Jonestown ending with Black Bile Humor, but its in, or will be in the trillions of dollars for Humor fitting the Tao for blackness supremacy!

Not the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, Creator, God of Sanity, thus Love: good Almighty God of common wealth potato heads!!

Care for an arm wrestlin’.   Bring the troops!

Abraham Boulder.

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Take a look at what your doing.

Take a look at what your doing.
Major part of the profit return comes from the very high odds of failure. But failure, by default is guaranteed. Which means low profit return when top dog gets the net proceeds and everyone gets bankrupt hedge fund “holdings” in what may turn out, to be an value investor’s dream because the odds are high that loser’s win the game, but value investor’s now get a high return for taking rather large risk, meeting the challenge, achieving goals, cashing proceeds.

Furthermore all calculations of high returns rely on a high ratio, or odds that now things Won’t fail. Now with default a loser’s win, the odds are Too Low in Pay Out for the majority of investors seeking dystopic rewards! Ponzi scheme.

Odds are much greater that winning by value incentive is achieved.  Greater return, in investing in new global economic infrastrucure in applied entrepreneurial economics (i.e., new markets, new businesses, new competition, new baseball playing fields-of-dreams–reforms–mentored by Denmark economic model.) Furthered by applied entrepreneurial economics business centers built with smart technology and locally designed clever layouts for the businesses in the centers.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. You can always invest a little in high risk management. But more than that and you shouldn’t invest in the stockmarket!

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