Is Freemasonry a love affair.

Is Freemasonry a love affair.
A romantic note, on the thick air of crude oil burning off of Florida or Texas.

Is the language of reason that lights the sky with the love for living and generations being born, dying, and borne again.

Is it a fade memory, that our war machines have lost purpose, that exist for no ends, except the final exit out of inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, and exhaling.

Must we beat the head of protagonists senseless to make them take up gun and load for kill, for life, continuence, and forever; instead of black crude oil we become in millions of years.

Are these oil barrels Arab states deal in our dead bodies already, having lived the courageous, the exalted cry for lifelong living, and the pronounced finaltude in dying, that are lives sustained our hopes and dreams of a hereafter worth Eternity!

Something to live for, die for, and endure, forever??!

Consider Obama writing his memoirs getting a billion dollars or more [it’s exponentiating . .  . him and the Pope, blockbuster authors, get two trillion dollars a piece–“I can redecorate,” says the Pope, “you know, the Trump Towers!” for writing the epitaph on planet Earth! What a blockbuster for policy and profit!

Has our government leaders secretly become invested in stock of a publishing company that signed Obama on??!

Is it true that editors of major publishing houses are to, or have assigned “China” to edit nonfiction??!!

—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy!!

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