Humors of healthy disposition and healthy constutution

Humors of healthy disposition and healthy constutution
The Black Bile–Disjointed Nijinsky schizophrenic ballet lacking and trying to destroy the Enlightenment of Humors that make up the Universe and make up healthy balance in our lives, fit by healthy constitution, argued for Humors by healthy disposition, affect intelligently sensed by ancient Greek philosophers, the Siddhas 4,000 years ago and Chi that moves (or marches) away from our collective certain deaths for a fabled fortuitous good death and good fortune of Providence in a continuous cycle of life for generations to come from Creator, God of Sanity, thus Love!  Death needs to be known, Life needs to be lived, evolving purpose needs to be achieved.

Not only is AI in command a Viral AI, demanding extrication by Firewall AI, for Tool AI to do functions in support of Human species’ command, but those esteemed for a thousand-year living journey should not have command authority because they no longer are “fired in the kiln of life and death” and no longer have the ability to appreciate the value of the universe’s populations’ lives centered at Earth.

This is the balance between Nature and Human nature on Earth in the Universe.

Between what bugs us, and what lets us live symbiotically with Nature and the Universe on the planet and elsewhere.

Be advised, space travel best be bugged, food cooked well, but of living organisms, not synthetic.

Socialists of Totalitarian social science attempt the fittest, most witty end to the human species as the greatest Hedge Fund with the greatest return for the winner.  The Nobel Prize in Literature, Liberal Arts Hedge Fund for writing the species’ demise.

See it’s a Jonestown ending with Black Bile Humor, but its in, or will be in the trillions of dollars for Humor fitting the Tao for blackness supremacy!

Not the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, Creator, God of Sanity, thus Love: good Almighty God of common wealth potato heads!!

Care for an arm wrestlin’.   Bring the troops!

Abraham Boulder.

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