Take a look at what your doing.

Take a look at what your doing.
Major part of the profit return comes from the very high odds of failure. But failure, by default is guaranteed. Which means low profit return when top dog gets the net proceeds and everyone gets bankrupt hedge fund “holdings” in what may turn out, to be an value investor’s dream because the odds are high that loser’s win the game, but value investor’s now get a high return for taking rather large risk, meeting the challenge, achieving goals, cashing proceeds.

Furthermore all calculations of high returns rely on a high ratio, or odds that now things Won’t fail. Now with default a loser’s win, the odds are Too Low in Pay Out for the majority of investors seeking dystopic rewards! Ponzi scheme.

Odds are much greater that winning by value incentive is achieved.  Greater return, in investing in new global economic infrastrucure in applied entrepreneurial economics (i.e., new markets, new businesses, new competition, new baseball playing fields-of-dreams–reforms–mentored by Denmark economic model.) Furthered by applied entrepreneurial economics business centers built with smart technology and locally designed clever layouts for the businesses in the centers.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. You can always invest a little in high risk management. But more than that and you shouldn’t invest in the stockmarket!

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