Let’s look at their eyes!

Let’s look at their eyes!
In: “The Wisest One in the Room,” p. 31.

Isaiah Berlin- “Few things have done more harm than the belief on the part of individuals or groups (or tribes or States or nations or churches) that he or she or they are in sole possession of the truth, especially About How To Live, what to be and do–that those who Differ from Them are not merely mistaken, but wicked or mad: and need restraining or suppressing. It is terrible and Dangerous arrogance to believe that You alone are right, have a magical eye which sees the truth, and Others cannot Be Right if they disagree.” [emphasis on initial caps., mine.]

To this I may add:

Abraham Boulder- “Even when their being right becomes irrelevant. When profit incentive becomes crown all–when 7 billion dead becomes child’s play and Executive order, We need you, in the name of relative moralism, to back off the warning track. Value, yes, is incorporeal, but it can be quantified correctly.

The value of continuing biogentic, diverse populations of people and other species is Huge! Stop thinking, “by not doing enough I show wonderful intelligence.” No one needs you so smart. We need your “brains on:” applied wisdom, applied intelligence, applied technologies.

We can make it. We can preserve our diverse species aboard Earth MotherShip, and other species, as well. Crank up the ham steaks, some eggs, and grits and let’s get crackin’!!

Begin to pace yourself to Earth MotherShip of the Universe, get out of your Aristotelian thinking of grandeur, and get being an integral part of other exoplanets, other life!

Quit thinking “Space!” is out there, and get a sense of accompanying life borne out there by the multitudes in their own habitable environments!! Life to share and life to learn from! Technologies are not the do, know all, end all!

Learning to live, and the rediscovering how to live over and over again throughout life–now that’s challenges!

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