Down-to-Earth Enlightenment!

Down-to-Earth Enlightenment!
Enlightenment: 3-stage process of life, dying; and empowering, fable, myths and legends for an, hereafter.

Thus putting energies of creation, recreation, growth; fond, enduring memories into our departed remembrance that gets absorbed into particulate matter and energy packets of growth energy, creation, and any and all energy, that is not rot in the universal dimension of existence.

This energy, which must have a name, stops the destruction, disorder of the Universe, to cycle life and idea quanta to recognize the Sacredness of this 3-stage process of life, dying, and vital, nourishing energy expressed in the historical motion of particulates and energy packets that cycles cells on your body every 2-3 months, cycles the energy of your body, for organisms nourishment, on Earth, and cycles the stars which form, planets take orbit. positioning themselves, and, perchance, being in the vital biological zone of orbiting planets, in relation to their star(s), yielding biological development via energies that cycle biological evolution, and develops bio-diversity.

Our healthy Humors and healthy constitution for equitable bio-genetic breeding of each race, falls on a disposition that appreciates being alive, is not ignorant of the process of death, and brings to the hereafter of remembrance a level of vitality and nourishment that fits creative, growth energy potential absorbed for use in favorable constructive developments of physics particles and energy packets throughout the universe–getting a sense if what is”up” and what is “down”; namely, what is constructive, and what is destructive, from idea quanta.  From this, energy for decay, or energy for growth and vital cycling moves these idea units  “forward” or “backward” in the history of motion (physics).

It is this funeral ritual, with black death finality, that the history of living, history of dying, and history of a hereafter, leaves a certain acreage of doubt in the Eternal tradition that favors ongoing, non-decay energy form in universal evolutionary motion of physics, evolutionary motion detected in chemistry, and evolutionary motion in biology and behavioral science, and Idea Quanta of an Eternal Vitality, an essential nourishment of our genetic expression favoring love, over hate; hope, over despair, and learned optimism and flourishing, over pessimism, decay, rot, and self-destruction; order over disorder; cognitive health, over cognitive disease.

Salmon are real fish! We did not bio-engineer them to do That trick. The statistics on Natural or random selection may include in the equation, a system of analyzing failures, whose output values get placed in structural particle or nano forms, as algorithms, to yield new, workable, favorable values on the evolutionary scale, for new forms, new organs.

Philosophies, that become scientific language for populations Co-existing, become critical at a time when default philosophies claiming to be true science beckon the call of exterminating legions of people systematically using the latest technologies and social science on extermination.

Formulating a science on workable, and doable co-existence of populations deters the bloodlust of annihilating the Other, rather than co-existing.

It is these philosophies, turned science of co-existence with other racial and ethnic human forms that is key to our survival.

Biology on Earth of all species we share on this planet that prove to be salutary in nature, i.e., they are made symbiotic or harmless parasites by nature or human nature (including using our brains) to be doable and workable, is the Next Great Leap in Medicine and Ecology.

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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