Future Now.

I can think and live with liberal ideas and laws, but when homosexuals try to usurp parity in Law, and the Communist Party ends the opposing party, and yes, possibly the mid-Hayek/Keynesian/FDR/Nixon Party, once communists socialists are voted in (meaning, no more lasting elections), we must think the public good, by evolving constitutions with fusion and hydrogen power parallelling evolving political and social science ideas with evolving physics reality.

Clinton will keep the parties but New York State would have a run at *Supreme Ruler of the Universe.”. To accompany a strong reforming Clinton, we need the boldness of a Constitutional Vice President of federal government, such as Michelle Obama.

Marshall Plan II for G200 will be investment in the goldstandard, liberal economics, by Investing the First Knox gold in global infrastructure of power units and plants, and urban planners with business centers with smart technology and local decision power on business physical infrastructure and facility layout and internal business environments.

Abraham Boulder.

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