Fundamental Ontology of the Republic, U.S. Constitution

Fundamental Ontology of the Republic, U.S. Constitution

World Consciousness, that is developing for trade and Reformed economic science must have a top-tier of function such that applied productivity (the “own persons”, not the output) are given decimal values on the Value Index for “healing time” from stress cracks caused, by “very, very” levels of ‘very, very productivity” that requires the correct decimal value for (1) keeping workers up to output standards –taking account stress cracks that by default are allowed to fissure more; when, actually, they decrease output
at the required very, very high standards of producing needed; and (2) Sane or close to ideal Sanity for buying essentials, do essentials for family, and “recovery time” to avoid total burnout that immobilizes the work force.

This, placed in the U.S. Constitution serves as the “gold standard” productivity Reformed correctly, not to immobilize the work-force or work-force parts, for–white-collar criminals of murdering workers for Less Productivity, and Less Profit.

Furthermore, legal entity status and parity status of groups and subgroups by law is an active goal, as decreed herein the U.S. Constitution.

Abraham Boulder.

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