Incorrect=Zero; correct=all positive1; negative rapture= or less than negative1: in three’s.

Incorrect=Zero; correct=all positive1; negative rapture= or less than negative1: in three’s.

Rather than a “kill switch,” there appears a philosophical space where time becomes critical and space becomes sardonic, caustic Kafkaesque humor.

The kill switch of: “everything well done” is met with, “everything is fried, or vaporized.”

Further, that no more intelligence exists once “well done things” are laid to waste is invalid, and to get past this incendiary terrorism, one must assume that (1) nuclear winter didn’t happen, (2) that “frying the fritters” of well-done matter is really a zero value because it leaves “a wasteland,” thought of, as “an intellectual waste field; humorous of course, of a schizophrenic, Russian Ballet sort,” says Negative decimal-value, human physical forms.

To proceed all is silent intellectually at this juncture until the minions pop up in their in exuberant delight and shout “marveilleux” or “Yeaaaa!!” to “all that really matter” and the intellectual exercise of “Not thinking”–intellectual negative enterprise,” smirks with triumphant glee.

Then how to live post-Civilization. Worshipping negative sentiment for the civilization of the past, centered on negative decimal value on organizational structure beyond the clan, learning the art and science of eating human flesh, as they shit out human civilization. And thinking negative towards everything, except their survival.

These brethren are with us now, and choose the “worst of all,” events for their “waste field” triumph and glee, and for all humankind.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.


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