Straussian poisoned streudel

East Coast Straussian–secret org of soviet communist party capable of being extended by fascism. Common attributes of Ph.D in “idiocy” (what destroys the fabric of society and leaves you thinking from these secret idiots of liars–they can have learned complexity, but have no interest in sustainable economics, politics (and other social sciences) as the vortex of thought whoms mental illness from homosexuality can be communally acute and active in genocide of heterosexuals. Their revelry entails exotic neurochemicals to leave the brain disjointed and unable to manage and coordinate with the Applied Earth Sciences, and incapable of handling sustainable economics using a Value Index discussed @The Realism and Hope Foundation, URL address: for decentives for toxicity and incentives plus market price, or added gross profits that can be calculated for individuals and workers in priority assignments of bio-genetics; minus taxed amount redefining corporations legally to include competing subsidiaries that by scientific accounting transfer the egregious profits to clean or adjust for sustainability.

(Satanism,) and Big Brother depictions found in 1984, Animal Farm, and Tom Hanks® starring role in “Cloud Atlas”© eternal love of two lovers forward and backward in Time, but presently imprisoned in Totalitarianism, where stealing a kiss may not be tolerated.

Revelry can include gambling against human lives in United States’ borders, a kind of betting that needs to be unlawful, and enforced.


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