**URGENT** Why is there not more good and greatness made manifest?

Britain having an identity crisis. Criticism of the Holy Spirit. In the hierachy of the Queendom crown.

It’s apparent that more good comes to no avail in the long standing tradition of the English Church because Bishop Butler’s God-endowed happiness, and avoidance of unnecessary suffering has turned into a “Brave New World” of opoid abuse, providing a core profitable industry that destroys, wastes away human-able bodies, heading towards post-end-of-days Jung-style 4th Davos industrial revolution: destroys the able-bodied worker who, typically, are delegated to “use their head” in discernment and quality control.

This destructive macroeconomy is so pervasive, that, if Jesus were to appear these days, it’s almost certain he’d be submerged in opoid abuse by a, let-us say-for-argument-sake, crown-appointed pusher–with needles in his arms, and sexed by men incessantly, who leave money for more heroin-and-bread-scraps use by the Divine, to keep their destructive industries making “horrible” profits.

Then, we worship the Father, Creator as Demon God of profit and revere our greed and resolve to destroy the Earth forever; even though we have been and continue in one sense a Cold War. That sense is that we can cause a nuclear winter, usually in 20 minutes. But we haven’t.

And the Terrible Satan, separate from any Church, Synagogue, or Church in man-kind and womankind (humanized philosophically by Professor Kant), is in Terror that we can have the resolve, the intelligence enabled (IQ, EQ,  or spiritual intelligence–value & meaning, & WQ, or wisdom intelligence) to solve the 13 icebergs of Scientific America’s global calamities and the present-day iceberg of singularity of a Higher Power, than homo sapiens; invoked as “Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love,” whom in the Christian tradition needs those responsible for holing up possible Jesus, be cleaned up and presented to sensitive clergy or good, great-God loving persons to move us in a way commanded by the Creator.

Otherwise, let’s humanize Apocalyptic vision to the history books and move on to the Davos 4th Industrial Revolution of 500 years of Science II, bio-diversity and bio-engineering, emphasizing what is needed Now, with hydrogen power, fusion-power discovered and built globally by a Marshall Plan II of G200 infusing reformed liberal economics and democracy via Fort Knox–to replace gold with platinum in 500 years time.

Abraham Boulder, applied entrepreneurial “economist.”

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