George F. Kennan Team

Team Kennan is the formula team gearing up after softball practice to handle the next 500 years of Science II and the politicaleconomy-direct impetuses that “make” the present day–to overcome the problem of regaining homeostasis of ecology adequately for the human species’ survival.

This type of team is pro-active, and a go-getter from the start. The book, “George F. Kennan,” was a Joseph Pulitzer prize winner for, author, John Lewis Gaddis.

There are all kinds of leaders, and certain leaders not known much for success which, on this Day–take it upon themselves, to come forward, to motivate themselves, and those on their teams for an Earth1st, Me2nd attitude and actualization.

“David and Goliath” speaks of leaders’ persistence paying off to unite those Concerned for Our Species, and the New Generation of living forms on planet Earth.

That the Science of Chaos learns, then teaches us survival technologies capable of handling the disequilibrium of weather.

Earth sciences uses satellites and computers to better understand what we actually need to do.

And the need for government and business to seek opportunity from an Act of Congress, the Kennan Act which will bolster profits and create many, many jobs with the gold we have stored in Fort Knox.

If F.D.R. was a great president. And he was.

Then, two Brown professors, two Harvard professors, and one Cornell professors authored a book “The Great Republic,” saying Nixon, for his leadership, despite his cover-up of a burglary, was great, too.

And it is President Nixon, who took us off the gold-standard of currency note and placed (now to-be reformed) liberal economics and (needing constitutional amendments) reformed democracy as adequately providing for its populations and participation with other populations of the world. (Once, we were much more, isolationists.)

Let us look to New Earth teams to serve Man, Woman & child(ren), and set it up with economic incentives and decentives to gain prosperity by the actions of those who save our species, while extinguishing organizations designed to destroy our species.

Abraham Boulder.

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