The crushing and crucifixion of Everyone

Consciousness is being present to a dance between spirit and matter. But things need to be “concrete” to be reality. At least, your presence on Earth needs acknowledgement, and the speed by which things go through it; i.e., ideas, wishes, and desires on the “blink” level of universal energy and motion needs reductionism to face the music. A “coming back to Earth.” To come to grips with: (1) where we are? (2) what we are doing? and (3) is what we are doing really what we want to do? Really? Or, still in Outer Space?!!

There is a diminutive effect when consciousness is attentive to matter; that the “frozen” state of energy levels, or matter’s “concrete” is recordable.

Question is when do you take ideas in consciousness seriously that promote living for consequent generations when they wish to murder, not cooperate or collaborate, and join the tide, that becomes the sea, then expanse of ocean, interested only in human demise.

When did Only One God’s ocean become a sea of human idiocy (foolishness)–a place for murder and sadistic manipulation of human lives? For children being treated like crab or lobster? Are they, in their own time, pleasure–do they get to experience pleasure or only pain? Is it only a sadist banquet?

Creator, God of Sanity:thus love–when is enough–enough?

Abraham Boulder

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