How serious does the world population take this book, anyway?

Book’s name was “Futility” it was about a luxury transatlantic oceanliner, Titan, that on its maiden voyage, struck an iceberg.

Copycat psychology had the luxury transatlantic ocean liner, Titanic, smashing into a iceberg “during celebrations of ‘greatness’ (most likely: terribleness!!)

Best be read; instead of done. Interpret it correctly: the “greatest” was the worst of us.

We need the best excelling in performance as “most excellent”. Whether they are the very good or the best.

G200, Marshall Plan, Team Kennan (author, Goddis received the Joseph Pulitzer for his biography of George F. Kenner–the powerhouse!), Fort Knox, platinum in return for gold in 500 years and top priority for US workers middle class jobs.

More jobs, better jobs, headquartered according to trade agreements, technical knowledge applied on-site, also by trade agreements.

No doubt. No problem. Gets done, correctly. (No matter what side of the fence you are on in your personal life, goods head to greatness; and productivity excels. That’s correct. “That’s how you do it, yeah!”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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