Toilets are meant for bathrooms

Besides limiting hazardous and radioactive waste from outside the country, applying economics correctly to raise the price of toxins redeemed at waste treatment sites, we need to institute the Clean Water Act legally correct so we don’t poison our drinking water, and the court judges don’t reject the Act based on technicalities.

While we get much goods, cheaply; others in other countries work very, very hard (as hard as our workers in the U.S.). If we want middle class jobs: (1) we can institute a Marshall Plan II, for Science II in Reformed liberal economics and reformed Republic, and (2) to uphold the constitutions and amend them where necessary to uphold liberal ideas, liberal institutions, (3) while government provides service to the public (not just foreign governments), for a robust democracy.

Amending trade agreements to aid in inalienable rights-to-live, given and declared by the human species, to the species of all homo sapiens, requires that we aid supplying toilets and plumbing to Asia to avoid plagues, with little anti-biotic protection available. (Americas needs this aid in Americas alliances, as well).

Any assistance needed that we can provide for scientifically correct waste treatment plants in Asia would be appreciated and needs follow through from assurances. (If that means, adding another amendment, so be it.)

All this is meant, respectful to all governments in relations with the United States, and to my Federal and state government, as well.

Abraham Boulder

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