India, America and Everyone else

India, America and Everyone else
We begin with deities from India of Brahmin Hindi’s and Religious and Secular Seik

We assert that the deities of subcontinent of Asia correspond to specific locations in the universe expressing diversity of locations.

Further as Brahmin Hindis Religious Seiks and collective Secular Seiks make their travels in planetary movement, take homes there, we from these locations consciously assert the sanity of the Creator God that has a globally felt sanity in affective intelligence and assert in this and other readings that a focus phrase appropriate to meditation from the Creator God focuses Him in a location of the universe that joins with Jesus in the Holy Spirit for Christians, and God of Sanity, Creator God embraces the Earth and 300 million planets for creation of living forms, enthalpically fed energy from this Source for work involving applied science then applied technology enhancing living forms, and meeting or beating expectations of $500 million trillion in a post-enlightenment period in history that continues science’s enlightenment, and answers questions of entropic science that we have presently, involving decay and rot.

Let it ultimately serve as fertilizer for life, neutralizing the poisons we created that involved an enlightenment period of science that took us out of the Dark Ages starting with Francis Bacon–500 years of science and technology development that gets answered scientifically, ethalpically, “acts that evolve the species, homo sapiens, us.”.

Neutralizing poisons, growing different species of life, and energizing us for evolution to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

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