Aerie Affect Intelligence and Church Mass or Crowd Entertainment Rousseau

Aerie Affect Intelligence and Church Mass or Crowd Entertainment Rousseau
The Butt convivial, source of the butt jokes, not something really funny, but fun that’s taken very seriously by the global republic.

The global republic or commonwealth is an entry point and exit visa for the workers and businesspersons that “roll up their sleeves” and work.

The Orthodox Churches generally and the Church of England have the historical academic training that as history unfurls, lacks a Church Spirit. They focus their attention on the frosting of the cake in Marxist philosophy but the real meat and potatoes (or vegetarian chile)–the application of philosophy in political science and economic science is–bottomline: against humanity and socially suicidal instead of stable as in the medical model social meant as a collective idea first presented in America by the Puritans, which brought us the work ethic.

The collective is a behavioral attachment socially that works with the First Law of Global Populations, stating: “We, the populations of planet Earth, have the inalienable right to exist and desire to have a open channel mediating any threat to our existence.”. The U.N. is the formal channel but the diplomats represent the regime, and not the world populations. It is in the declaration made in the Karl Rove’s doctrine of U.S. general population’s genocide while professional class ascent to a more preeminent status, leaving world labor to replace the present labor force–the holders of democracy in America. This doctrine could be applied everywhere ending Hobbes civilized man or woman and entering us into complete savagery.

No wonder the church’s want an alternative economy. What they fail to realize is Adam Smith would not support immoral acts of labor genocide either.

The Voltaire remedy to this dark subject is to keep and maintain a humane treatment of the workers and those business associates that produce. Adam Smith would agree. That’s the true meaning of a Republic.

The U.S. and state constitutions need to continue to reflect this fact of inalienable rights “of life, liberty,” and these days, the pursuit of justice!

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