Installment 2: set your pretty eyes on this!

Installment 2: set your pretty eyes on this!
500 years of pathological science enlightened us.

500 years of constructive, enthalpic energies post-enlighten us.

A revolution that draws its energies enthalpically.

To do what they say can’t be done. All the more reason to do it!

Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Puts this obvious limited organism within his environment. To be fair, we developed intelligence on a unprecedented level. More work on knowledge should continue, but halt! We need a paradigm shift. We need to develop applied wisdom as importantly as applied intelligence which will develop also into applied sciences and applied technologies–the comnonality in the equation of our behavioral science or possibly the remedies sought are enthalpic energies.

This being clear let us trailblaze in genetic bioengineering in divergent solutions to many questions of therapy for the Earth, and therapy for ourselves!
Let us evolve the Earth as evolve ourselves.
Abraham Boulder “Keven”

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