Installment one: how to build a global economy.

Installment one: how to build a global economy.
It is a matter of the greatest nature that Totalitarian Man knock himself down a few notches, reminiscent of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who subscribed a certain humbling of oneself to normal dealings, or goings on, that get harder and harder to accomplish in everyday life. If it’s not something to do with me, it’s the doc floating around on Big Pharma’s internally ingested profits.

There seems to be industrial chemical swaying people geopolitically this way or that. And corporate espionage done by MBA’s loaded on Big Pharma cocktails that can stop dead another person’s thinking and actions as a result of the feelings generated by the business agent that he is a rollercoaster ride taking up space in mobile-human disaster, self-created, and and self-administered.

For these reasons stated above and for the love of Thomas Jefferson and Gen. George Washington we call for Man to lower himself to the Higher Authority of Creator God of Sanity. Jefferson’s self-evident observation meditation both of others, but admittedly, ourselves as well. Man is ill. Jung would say, insane re: future horizons. Jung, admiringly remained Christian with the concept of a Higher Self integrated in his psyche (a kind of cross between mind and brain). He fathomed to be Nietzche participant when attempting to be a Nazi, but found that Totalitarian Man insane, as well in his day.

Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Yes, it can be done!

13 ideas on global calamities, to work with,

13 applied sciences to achieve,

13 applied technologies to develop,

And the consequent anthropological culture that deems Man one more “sapiens” every time a fix works. Let me remind you that Anthropology is a social science, its use of which in its “fury and rage,” (said so you don’t need that third cup of coffee), or its fullness, rests only on its skills of survival of Man, Woman, and Child through the homo sapiens-to-the-15th-power evolution.

Yes, Man may have been created 20,000-200,000 years ago, but man certainly evolves. All life created on Earth evolved. To say we don’t move on with enthalpic energizer sports shoes, is to forget why they Really make those shoes. But it is not just street-happy customers hustling to the bustling of street life. Uh-huh, No!

It’s the moves to the smells of money dished out from ‘living” bonds (totally legal investment instruments), that follow contract work from the American Academy of Science, and its world-wide associates that dress you in the clothes you like to, and, yes let’s you choose the car you want, depending on your green technology skills you have and demand of those skills, and a planned, generated demand for green technology vehicles as well.
Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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