The demise of the English professor.

The demise of the English professor.
Due to statesmanship using language befitting an idiot, we now have critical historical moments where the English language is being used as diplomacy instead of content and meaning being the crux to any important matter.

It has now degressed to the point where these “voyeurs of meaning” think themselves noble and royal as to implement a social lab of the American population known in places like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and Asia, and possibly Chile.

And what these adventurers of torture and mayhelm try to do is leave the population in tatters such that they despair and accept the ignoble idea that pain (not just “bother”) emanating from another source, namely “the people” of any goverment can social “scientifically” increase such pain to such a degree as to think its God Almighty doing this, when it turns out to be a very serious clinician in a medical, military, or government uniform, determined to make you believe, beyond any constitutional rights you may hold, that the pain that they inflict is ultimately the final truth from any discourse from ancient Greek, Hebrew, Oxford or Stanford sources; that pain is the Master. And in psychoses, acute pain Master talks. Such that you believe there is no other alternative. And once administered (by the People of government and their universities and colleges) regularly, the thought of fighting under the banner of life With liberty And happiness escapes as though it is your worst enemy, and the truth becomes the truth of the State such that all your bearings are lost, and your disorientation becomes the requirement by you to befriend the State as your Master and you, the slave.

Act, or be enslaved with very, very painful results that will only make a full-fledged masochist happy!

Abraham Boulder, –Keven.

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