Evolution In businesses involving their workers that means a damn!

Evolution In businesses involving their workers that means a damn!

“Ideas relative to matter.”. A meta-brain study.

Natural Law Social Contract for businesses.

Utility variable in time by behavioral economics and reset time for spiritual checks mathematical expression (equation). Results need material and services production and work time acceptable for optimum profit, less realistic offtime for chores, family quality time, social quality time limited to no more than two groups or two different persons, or combination of two of these social scenes, including privacy.

This is Economic Natural Law variables to the Social Contract equation of productivity in dollars relative to output and hours.

Rational and irrational behavior among workers and time allowance to check in with yourself at intervals for production results of goods and services. Very high or very, very high productivity work-hours minus 8 hrs. sleep and up and down time before and after sleep. Less time for personal chores, a friend or two, in, and out of, groups in the evening, or after work. Nighttime reserved for personal financial career review in a highly mobile and volatile job market.

This is maximal minimum requirements, for worker participation in business for the species, homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens, or some say a graduation to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens in ideology acid-tested for worker function, literally, in a business and literally his/her biological survival.

It is not lavish ideology it is checkable with qualified sources in the social sciences or respected books supporting worker survival and adequate maximal of minimum well-being in reasonable demands (Adam Smith would approve) for optimum performance of very high productivity or very, very high productivity, and maximum gross profit.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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