Do you smell something burning? More like melting, I suppose!

Do you smell something burning? More like melting, I suppose!

Applied communism systematically destroying individual brain development, stopping levels of novel innovation, and atrophying the brain to such an extent that the graduate fights fiercely for status, which to his or her credit–he gains, but at the expense of not really learning, not really caring, nor hoping for the future. It’s like “give me that cannabis with all its high levels of THC, let’s smoke more than anyone really needs (drug overdose), and for its side effects,” (i.e., acute brain disorder, cannabis; very high levels of dementia development or completeness; some line psychiatrists dealing with Junk pot in Britain thinks the drug clearly, that the drug, on its own, and not over any time, causes schizophrenia, and (that’s not all!), used by British youth to aid in their suicides).

Set up kits for sale that test for THC, demand by the public to be able to test product before buying to see if you want higher THC (why not?), or lower THC! The public should have the freedom to choose among competitive products which they prefer! Hey! that’s capitalism.

Build filters for applied communism starting the search of “nano travellers” to the limbic system of the brain from another limbic system, then research applied particles for “effervescent bubbly” for travel to and from limbic systems. The travel may have only one route??: it may take the course of two particles touching each other across continents in ways Einstein failed to completely explain. (He failed at this work.) Another time, new opportunities to succeed!

Take them!


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