AI action in US??

AI action in US??
East coast experienced “captivation” of consciousness, parts of mid-West too not more than a month ago. To night this AI captivation, which is a viral AI, needs a firewall AI may have occurred in LA. First thing is for it not to have concepts of mind, and therefore, mind control

Mind concepts, ideas, references is viral AI. Discussions of consciousness from a machine is viral AI also. Build AI firewall for that too.

And narrow the parameter of a functioning AI machine (AI applications). It can improve on function and idisyncracies, delete any identity, personality, consciousness claims.

Let me give you an example of good AI. I needed a med refill. Before, it would compute something like 5 days mandatory pause before the 10-day handling and mailing date.

Now, if I’m late on refills, it computes when I last had it, then computes when I next need it, then deducts 10 days for handling and mailing. So it may start handling the very next day!
That’s no personality, no mind, no consciousness. It just gives a computer voice stating when the date of handling begins!

Abraham Boulder.

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