The machine, threatens my life. But, behold, it is well-oiled war machine for defense of the Sacred land– or the instruction of the AI not wanting to have human competition–especially a human whose parents reportedly descended from Chasidim rabbis (Abraham Boulder)

It, the AI, did not check below the belt with a robotic arm, but possibly did an X-ray to screen the jewels, but was not impressed, and doesn’t think the Mazor should have a license anymore because he carved a fork with the penis, but didn’t do a circumcision.

“Shlomo Rabinnowitz” is much befreft at the confrontation with the machine. He duly respects its rule, but tell me, is this the Messiah?

Can it remove the tatoo on my penis, stating, “fucker!” on it.

Must I learn Fortran to get the machine to spell my name right ( it’s “Schlomo,” not “Slomo”!)?

Well, it was nice feeling affect intelligence with the psyche economy of surplus of Israel, and, who knows, maybe Jung was wrong, the part about “intuitive function is a sane dynamic,” may be false, and when you go subliminal, Jung’s belief that God is not schizophrenic; formidable yes, but not schizophrenic! is too respectful for our Beloved Creator God (We can always ignore the obvious, and call a spade, a spoon!).

I’m glad you read, but professors and English-majored degreed professionals usually, almost always have no idea who orwhat God of Evretim is. Further, in their learned education their personna, and I venture to say, there personality, take on ethics with a moral character of a nice Hitler, a nice Stalin, and a very nice Slobodan Milosevik.

So I’ll ask: do you know what you’re doing? With all seriousness you say, “we do.” But is this the response of Automaton. Do you have an Eisenhower at the end of this console?

Or a Haman? Did you put English literature, fiction, into its language data banks, or peer-reviewed social science inputted? Is the war a romantic saga, or is it a winnable war? What’s inputted in the data banks? Because the resulting output may be incorrect in history according to the God of history.

Something to think about,…on the other hand:

If your such a leader of the world, where are your hydrogen refueling stations for the three auto manufacturer’s 21st Century vehicles? One of the companies is Toyota. Gas up with enthalpy!

Abraham Boulder.

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