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Flux priorities. What goes through the gate first matters. When it goes through the gate matters also. Salt molten nuclear reactors power units, instead of the gasoline sort. I mean, it takes a Big closet to contain, and it doesn’t have nuclear meltdown (at least, that’s what they say). I mean, you were going to build an attachment to the house for your son-in-law, but, hey! A power unit! Check it out!

Certain nutrients, calories, fresh, clean water arrival by certain deadline-in-total.

Enthalpic lifestyle=meant for living with wide horizons and building a future. A variable in utility value. Economics.

Politics: does our democracy work? Are our leaders good enough, I mean not naïveté. Do they have any substantial interest in America? (Other than opportunistic goals.) Do they “give” in history, or is it just a “take”?


Now, what of God that satisfies a totalitarian, or an atheist, demanding precision in expression

Try this.  Say there are idea quanta (discrete units of ideas, visualize and idea contained in a cube,…building blocks!) Enter enthalpy energizing matter.  For motion and results, or reaction.

Add, an universal “ceiling of sanity” that is just below yours, bristling with Shakespeare’s aerie flight of Pluck alive with a bushel of idea quanta, whose attractive and repulsive forces contrast and highlight differences and similarities with regular salient delight of discrete cubic units of ideas!

Pippin, poppin’ with ideas!  Now, how to connect the dots.  Answer:  Creative Brain, Harvard Publ. with Harvard Medical School printed as part of the title.

Let’s bring her home:  Affective intelligence with Gassendi’s “reason is aspect of spirit”, or good ol’ Shakespeare’s Pluck analytical to tease the intellect out of the feeling, keeping the feeling, honoring the person’s feelings, and reasoning, “what’s the feeling being expressed?  “What does the intellect, the words, really mean in context of these feelings?  “Given the ‘ceiling of sanity,’ “What’s the meaning of the affective intelligence in context of what you know about the person, and circumstances or events surrounding this person?”

Is there another, “in aerie flight,” that you can reason with, a Pluck, for example, to bounce these ideas off of to see what happens?

What conclusions do you draw from this affect intelligence and exercises?  Were you productive?  Note progress made.

This being creative singularity reasoning with”something” or “Someone” that maintains the “up”, the universal ceiling of sanity.


—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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