The usual or, something different!!?

The usual or, something different!!?

Using the fool. (–Keven)

Or, why not to listen to the one making sense.

Speculation, clearly, recommended.

$500 billion take for king sh-t


$1 million net profit for general public each


100 million trillion for 500 years of enthalpic-dominated science (bio-engineer neutralizing growth that contains toxins and cleans contaminated liquids; bio-engineer bio-diversity including by DNA-on-dry-ice collected Now! Bio-engineer homo sapiens to increase in immunity to replace anti-biotic void.)

Also, hydrogen technology-engined vehicles needing hydrogen refueling stations.

Salt-molten nuclear reactors that don’t have meltdown radioactive isotopes.

Liberal economics and democracy retained, and U.S. Constitution amended to evolve Natural Law with Social Contract that declares law “homo sapiens-to-the-nth exist; machine, computer can control, does not exist.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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