Occult and Evolution

Occult and Evolution

Entropy, rot And disorder energy of chaos; meaning the shit hits the fan–you’re a bit aghast–and, then your children say, ” Dad, look, the shit is making crazy circles…of chaotic energy!”

Which you then immediately think, “AHa!, enthalpy is the answer.  The Other energy in the universe, the alternative to all the craziness in the universe.  Which means More order, Not less; and Science of Chaos,…which means complex science systems to handle the stress and strain of disorder energy of the chaotic universe which your children love, and maybe your wife does too, and you put up with for a short time. But your wife, in her heart, has love affect coupled with idea quantum of a Creator who loves, not just His son (Christian, Jesus; Evretim Judaic, David; Islam, Allah is Great!, and so, behave!); but us as His earthly followers.  And with that affect intelligence, we seek the Second Law of Thermodynamics which cycles with rot to produce life, and creating greatness in energizing enthalpy.

Which we are “late in civilization” which a professor profitably dispenses his wisdom, and from this we have (1) destroyed civilization, and (2) gone into rot, and (3) now, chaos.  And (4) all worthwhile things striven for (in enthalpy no less) make headroom,…major strides at this critical juncture for redeveloping civilization with world societies to a new era, epoch.

Guts and gore of churning out learning and knowledge of the State of Vatican for coerced pragmatism.

Lacking a date of continuance, lacking souls to march through narrow passages. Praying for mankind, women, and children. Taking ideation to application, lacking a horizon of profit greater than 45 years. Suicide an answer when we would do better to consider divergent answers to a final solution that takes us through 13 cycles of narrow passages, with ideas leading to anthropologic culture of technological solutions befitting evolution of the species by one sapiens each until the hour when potential calamities are answered, adequate solutions begotten, and we find ourselves homo sapiens-to-the-15th systemically.

Preferred behavior psychology to totalitarian Man and Feudal kings doing nomore than providing answers to Divine Providence, and letting scientific ideas to come forth from the arts to form these scientific ideas to create engineering marvels that answer the 13 potential global calamities and lead us to a much evolved state–500 years of enthalpic development to handle the rot generated by entropic energy and learn to live and evolve sequentially in a calculus that breeds success.

I believe this is a plan to take us out of the Dark Ages of the Church and the dark ages of energy used to create waste poisons that yielded riches. And lead to liberal economic stimulation that yields the arts in concepts and the ideas of science leading to the engineering of anthropological culture or tools for the trade of getting us out of 13 boxes to continue our genetic inheritance.

Let us use the above to productive gain of Earth 1st, Me 2nd and defeat the foe of Imperial Mercantilism Despots who are the “despicable of the minions” of a take in the ballpark of $500 billion, once, twice, three times in supply-side mercantilism; or by the profit incentive of capturing $100 million trillion over a wider horizon of 500 years of enthalpic-dominated economy by turning the fuel valve from entropy to enthalpy to fuel this cycle 1100 cc. engine with hydrogen and fusion, and salt molten fuel sources.

Going on now to supermarket churches that acknowledge the good Samaritan in social science and the Creator, including theistic interpretations and realities of the personal God of sanity, a measure of relief, and an ounce of peace; supermarket prophesy that opposes the Catholic clergy and other theologians deviating from the sanctity and Supreme nature of the church of Christ that inherits the Father’s deep concern for the future of the species, homo sapiens.

It is a prophetic vision you, yes you, can realize, now that Hegel shows that we share Father God’s vision provided by his wits, Isaac Newton’s in complete experiential epiphany with the Sacred (Holy) Spirit.

Of a thousand years of Jesus’ rein possibly bio-engineered to live hundreds, if not thousands of years, himself. And the coming of a post-end-of-days prophesy of Sanity that we can endeavor in science in enthalpic- dominated bio-engineering applied science and technology–playing God where necessary and possible for bio-diversity and ecology.
Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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