Excelling With American Doctrine

Excelling With American Doctrine
Lacking impedience with the Doctrine, but anchored, moored for better understanding toxicology of the brain or organic disease, thereby chemical processes explaining human behavior (behavioral sciences), and excelling drives supported and enhanced for the normal and unusually gifted work in systems management in designs that make both, the learners of American Doctrine, and the gifted excellers rooted or cabeled to this foundational work, actually work “when the world seems (now this is important, “seems”) to be spinning out of control.”

The cycling dynamic between entropy energy and enthalpic energy is very strong. For everything that performs living perfunctorily, the behavioral psychology applied is a healthy reward.

The ying/yang nature of this dynamic flow of energy, cycles. Body cycles through, living skin, followed by washing up, leaving, yes, dead skin. Followed by regenerating cells that in turn are alive, then die.

The brain’s plasticity clearly indicates an atrophic occurrence in parts of the brain involving our cognitive faculties that in many cases can grow new neurons (brain cell plasticity). Which needs new learning to thrive at healthier level and improved cognitive function.

Exercise is a replenisher. Work, an exploitation of nutrients and calories, burning calories in the metabolism of food and water, for reaching goals on schedules managed for step-by-step advancement of projects.

This universal cycle between stars, planets, and life is an ongoing process involving enthalpy for development and entropy for death and decay, followed by “events in late civilization” (quoted from professor of The Great Courses) that lead to the redevelopment of civilizations and world societies that commerce using global liberal economics and other possible parasitic formulas of unnatural law considered at the time to be the Best Possible Option.


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