Questioning the state

Questioning the state

You awake, you are aware. You find yourself seated in your favorite chair. Someone else’s gun pointed straight at you–barrel front and center, handle cradled in your hand.  Do you go along with awaken scene because your hand is on the trigger, or do you reconsider, putting the gun away and preparing for lock-up.

World-wide murder, clearin’ out, the good movin’ out the dead, including young ‘uns–there goes the great, movin’ on their own accord, when the others are movin’ bodies; or the great are dyin’, dying, on account of everyone’s supportin’ the rotten.

The rotten egg that stinks up the joint, the place. The joint, the drug, is just one more chemically-induced reason that the above happens.

The White black, or any black lacking education, not seen, does. While those educated, turn socialist on right or left administer state pain for individual or collective targets and emphasize by death, their only truth: torture via acute affect overcoming is behavioral-science modifier par excellence inflicted upon the individual and identifiable groups whom, may, in addition, also exist as entities well within the framework of U.S. Constitution and our state constituions.

The English department risen to do state favors and favortism, has a creed that “second to their English-subject mind development, goes science,” but the egregious character espoused as the novel’s hero is an anti-hero hell-bent on destroying any signs of life, and making sure research, development, and application in science keeps this recurring theme active.

The state does more harm than do-not-harm, by welcoming into its fray elements believed to have a shadowy path with lethal results. This is a focus on the civilian population and its control on our military by the state and the people. The state seems to threaten security seriously while it claims to remedy it. This evil-opponent-in-a-box directive leaves us mystified as to whether there is any good in what they do, and the belief, initiating and supporting harmful behaviors, is the main course of action by the state to its constituents.

Bear in mind, that Jung addressed the subliminal in depth psychology, where pervading actions occur in day-to-day work. Jung explained conflict and showed examples of resolution to show a pathway forward, not just the detention of subjects by the state, as permanent fixtures until their sentence is served. Jung’s focus is on sanity, which means the intuitive function subliminally resolves itself in thinking, feeling, and sensing. It is apparent the state of the Union, and WA state are lacking in adequate safeguards that appear to be more than a learning phase. Repetition seems mandatory. Oppression and repression of the states Constitutions seems constant to me as observer. Being legally a citizen of both states, the state constitutes itself around me with Bill of Rights as part of my invoking-rights. Does not mean that the Supreme Court should then decide…

Although one wonders, effect is the result; and what we do we do to gain effective, correct results. This method of achieving wins of this nature (effective, correct results) has led to knowledge of complexities and development of systems, that numerically are computed in systemics. It should be noted that such computing, often necessitates a mainframe computer, and data banks including language linguistically, need some of the biggest mainframe computers available.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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