How to survive, and stop “trying.”

How to survive, and stop “trying.”

Reptilian survival: the model of surviving a million years, going forward. Dinosaurs lasted over 100 million years.

Mainframe computers: control in complex systems, understandable.

The endoskeletalneuro connection to the mainframe computer is also is battles for supremacy of our human circuits over machine instead of vice versa. Further circuits humana are modeled on Jungian personality descriptors labeling feeling with thinking, and sensing, and that all has a sane intuitive nature.

We have the responsibility to enter the species into the U.S. Constitutional system, homo sapiens, such that homo sapiens becomes homo sapiens sapiens throughout this genus as a result of China representing Asia along with New Zealand and Australia, assuring that the first potential calamity on Earth, effecting the decimation of large quantities of species is supra in genetic law; thereby, natural selection begins a universal appeal to the curious, innovative, and rapidly moving idea quanta producers for this and the next twelve potential calamities world-wide; suffices in genetic anthropology, to edict a genetic supra law that states quite clearly that homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens of all on Earth serves the purpose of constructive competition energized by the alternative fundamental law thermodynamics, of enthalpy.

Natural selection and the thirteen, or homo sapiens-to-the-fifteenth.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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