To be, or wiped out!

To be, or wiped out!

Socialists have many worthwhile ideas that should be integrated into applied political science, democracy; applied liberal economics, science of economics

Those ideas worthy of being integrated into democracy and liberal economics evolve these social sciences.

However socialists also have bad ideas harbored in their party, or socialist communists or socialist fascist parties.

They can assume the humanist society’s preamble “there is no spirit,” and there is no collective unconscious.

To isolate each citizen and shut down innovative psyche economy surplus, so each citizen Doesn’t gain private rights and entity status.

In other words, a sovereign state whereby every citizen beds with every other citizen during sleep. And every own person brain melts into every other own person’s brain, leaving us fused together as one mass glob, day and night!

A manic fusion of togetherness that leads only to madness!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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