Working, forward and paced.

Spirit of imbecility, of profound Hegelian philosophy effecting history–a Humor of imbalance, rather than “a disposition of balanced Humors managing our healthy constitutions”–must be met and eliminated satisfactorily to regain Humor balance in the halls of industry to disempower the “Anals of Anarchy” and begin pacing ourselves in True North, True West, True East, and True South directions, historically.

A coordination of complex sciences cabled to fundamental equations by Intermediate Equations that prove validity in published scientific journals and books.

These Doctorates of Science completing these Intermediate Mathematical Equations, then the written word, explaining simply, the complex assignments of scientific theory postulations by the authors, so in the written word, can follow simple-to-intermediate, then identical intermediate mathematical equations-to-complex equations for the necessary proof of valid theoretical arguments.

This applies also to necessary scientific experiments needing enough trials and participants to validify their postulated scientific theories.

This elucidation–this delineation is a mandatory procedure because we have a social science virus in the hard sciences, precisely at this critical juncture between fundamental mathematical equations and complex equations, or paralleling, in Scientific experimentation, linking intermediary results to the complex sciences, which then trace back to fundamental results.

This social science virus occurs, besides at the academic institutions themselves, at our venerated publishing houses, both associated with universities, and “family-owned” companies.

If the government doesn’t get cooperation from business leaders of publishing houses, or make the above mandatory in new legislation: then the S.S. rules all of science–while sounds absurd, but not on a profound level.

To lose hard science’s charity to mankind/humankind, for social science’s hate, torture and insistence on the Ultimate Truth, that the State can exact excruciating pain, to drive home the point that you are mere property, say, a rag; and the State is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe–science is inconsequential, and all reality is the State.

Abraham Boulder

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