Symbols of revolution II

Symbols of Revolution

I speak of Davos 4th Industrial Revolution, of the Boulder Plan as a Clinton Act supporting FDR-Nixon, Hayek-Kernesian economics, and the upkeep on democracy, not just permission for non-constitutuents, to evidently, trample the rights of constituents, to uphold the rights of constituents to “life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We go now to the competition. Death squads to engage in human body part butchering, to claim victory in America that global genocide is acceptable and the Karl Rove Doctrine to murder constituents of this country has been accepted by the White House and Olympia clandestinely.

Symbolically, a Prius, one of the newer models parked up front to show the Revolution in Karl Rove Doctrine to hit the state of Washington, and Washington, D.C; that a supposed laser is brought in to slice and dice me, to end my clatter, to silence a Patriot, as idiot of American Idiot and Nation Stupid, that we stay in place as our Disney Dumbo ride takes its motions and show well we can perform as Bozos for the gentleman’s bets of Royalty in hedge fund futures, with impunity.

What wretched Nation is this. What a bunch stupid Arsses, hunkerin’ down to make bets, on a prophet who prophesied by sane oersonality argument of Jung. You think yourselves God. I think you Not, knowing the meaning, the comprehension, the faith to uphold the Presence and Command of the Almighty God, the Divine in the social contract, all souls to the ground, all reaching man’s capable pinnacle at equal outstretched hand risen to something bigger than ourselves, to pull us out our troubles, our self-imposed limitations, our Dumbo impressions.

The Nation’s governments and perhaps the Nation itself does the enemy’s hand with the zeal of Traitors to one’s own destiny.

So be it. All joyfully, Go to Hell!

The latest:

So the State and state have allotted.   $2 billion to mobile laser technology placed on a small scientifically discrete cart which rides in a set of tracks–mobile rail system of laser technology for social engineering.

Apparently, he’s trying to cut down my enthusiasm by cutting off my dick to dampen my spirit.

This may be a small “search” laser for reach logistics to increase laser intensity with the big laser on rail at a later date!

Is this then the success of “the Planet of the Apes” taking “boutique neurotoxins, damaging their brain mass, For Fame and Glory, replacing pleasure because their alma matter is junkies of personality grandiosement with methyl amphetamines damaging, destroying acknowledgement of pleasure and leading to sadistic and egoistic leadership in the United States rivaling Sadam Hussein and his brother!

The insanity of egoists taking methyl amphetamines to match their personality disorder, then to madly seek opoid pills and heroin by the cartfulls, desperate for pleasure which resides solely in exterminating 8 billion people.

Here, this, then, is The End.  Not the works of brain damaged authors desperate and mad for an inkling of pleasure from Fame, from having written the final chapter on homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!

What of the “doctorate of philosophy”–is it not the end code of all of Microsoft. Does Fill up with riches for slander, falsehood, mendacious genius!

Abraham Boulder.

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