What Constitutes, Insane. 40% viral, and increasing. Oh, how we hurt! Isn’t there Something we can do to Correct our Destiny?!

Note: The comma between “What constitutes” and “Insane” is intentional, and denotes a U.S. Government and People Insane–not the constituent who has the scientific brain disorder. It is the state government and the State that has written insanely about me, only because, It is Insane.  All Law must be modified to correct these moments in history and the Official Record, if found to be the truth, noted in the U.S. Congressional Record by my U.S. Representative and in Washington State Record by my Washington State Representatives, noting further, that without discriminating against equality in the Law, that I am, “totally and permanently disabled,” decreed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, this serves as disability status only, and does not discard my constituency according all constitutions and Law of the United States of America.

Please note, my disability was put on record initially by Professor Alexandra Ashleigh of U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, that included an understanding of details of my employment history in discussions, including Reengineering corporately, that led to across-the-board increases of productivity that were in aligned with the term, “very high levels of productivity” and in fact, economically, recently reported at “very, very high levels of productivity.”. My work, at times, was, “cutting edge,” but because of disabling conditions, neither “very,” nor “very, very” productive. Further, the news report stated, and I paraphrase, “with excellent results in productivity from workers, [educated and otherwise] we now await a catching up [with the workers] by management.”


And now, “What Constitutes, Insane.”

As immune system weakens from ever increasing chaos, the viral entry into our genome continues–viral genes with human genes. Forty percent of the human genome is viral genes. With the advance of additional viral genes to our human DNA and the effect in gene expression, the accumulation of major disorder, and what was rare ailments will increase exponentially.

The enjoyment of what was will, be short, interrupted by an intense transfer of genes that occurs initially from natural selection.  Now, there is a lowering in our immune system via toxins, industries (commercial and private) put into our water and food, continuing an ever increasing rapidness of a large variety of ailments, never ever seen, and a pathologist’s ecstacy (or Nirvana), entailing the plenitudes of major diseases, caused by viral infection.

Our Law was orginally meant to protect society from destruction.  That is really a legal definition of madness, that is, “those set to destroy the world.”. This then, is the correct legal term, for “insane.”

You see, actually, a person ill with a brain disorder is really scientifically ill, suffers deeply, but it is all explained scientifically–in symptomology and treatment–therefore should be defined as”brain disorder”as in DSM5, and treated at an appropriate medical clinic.

The truly Mad, the one’s the Law, truly, in it’s noblest fashion, was designed to protect us from, was the unLawful “Insane”–those due to ego who felt inclined to leave 8 billion dead with wild claims of, “Hereafter” and, “Fame and Glory of Annihilation”– spirit of the insane–not including the poker game probabilities requiring a Poker card such as this–at the Defense Department.

What this means at this time is, all spin doctoring and “mass communication”, or brainwashing attempts, subliminally, or otherwise, is meant to go against Abraham Lincoln’s edict, “you can’t fool all the people, all the time!”. The government of the United States of America is Constitutionally UnLawful. So declared “of the people,” and not “People,” or said government of the people, Proclaimed, Dated, June 15th, 2016, by a Representative of the “Power of the governed,” as noted by John Locke.

Now, what to do.

From this hereby, Proclamation, Draft a “Declaration of Efficacy,” and expedite necessary efforts to fall in line with the 13 potential global calamities in the front cover of Scientific American, duly noting “The End” title is done for journalistic “shock into action” and mostly as a sexy introduction to personal liaisons.

With that done, enter the Declaration of Efficacy and Declaration of Independence as the next amendments to the U.S. Constitution, so the Power remains with the “Power of the governed,” and the Power remains out of the educated hands of self-proclaimed, “royalty,” who often serve as “the People” and, whom wish to do away with the Declaration of Independence to halt “life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and as the state of Maine says constitutionally, [stop] “the Providence of good God.” of the governed of Maine. May this “good God,” be so, “Great,” as to be good for the ill and disabled, as well, and Providence, shed It’s light on the populations of the world needing legal entity status, equal rights, and the accompanying right-to-exist, to-continue-to-exist, and for future generations of progeny to exist, so help me, Creator, God of Sanity of the universal ceiling of Sanity.

Finally, administer any and all amendments to the U.S. Constitution that evolve this “living document” from isolationist policy to Globalization.

In Business Law, change the definition of “corporation” to include competing subcontractors paid from coffers of “extreme profit” to pay, in accounting science, the bills from work necessary to remedy our needs on planet Earth to expand our time horizon from 200 years to 500 years for gross profit of 100 million trillion dollars in 2008 real dollars on this planet Earth, comets, and planets of our solar system.

Abraham Boulder



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