Emotional Feeling

All nuance, inflection, and tilda taken, aerie flight of Shakespearen Pluck, settling on a disposition, a humor of anarchy, and blight, short-sightedness–better, blindness intended, death to all, earnestly dear.

Love in that, spirit of State, a Fame and Glory, a Sauerkraut would not deny, genocide to the hapless, genocide to the multitudes.

Come ‘O, Campbell Hero, heal your foot- long heels; and settle your arches to comfort; proceed ‘Dear Hero, where all else retreated, take the arrow, if you must; but go as with Washington; and avoid the spear if Providence rings it’s Liberty Bell true; and go with George’s Almighty God, so that the Two of you Be Loudly Proclaimed, as you raft down the Snake River Canyon walls (you will need Providence from the Only One God, for sure, if you raft down those riverwaters, and vigorated rapids).

Talk not of the Heathens, no longer calling themselves, atheists, but ‘in-stead,’ proclaiming adroitness in Philos, proclaiming “educated” if Demons, Devils, Freedom, Anarchy they be.

What use of such Freedom have we, of Rev. Jones, and Jonestown, of wealthy doctors of Divinity, fornicating with the flock, telling us of their Greed, of the Mind over-sized Development, of all idiots do they declare, silently; their hearts do not answer to the Holy spirit, but ignore such spirit to human sexual exploits, to speak of overly-mentioned intelligence, if No God, No Jesus, No Allah, No Satan–and with that–No Human, either; shall there be.

Such preachers claim, “Communism!;” to lay waste to the laity, with very little at hand for all, with overridden Debt in State Treasuries and harkin’ call, “To Kool-Aid® at-hand, and Arsenic contained. To Eternal sleep. Death. To alerted souls, not yet awake to Survival –need.”

Instead of a Solving of problems, divergent “creative brain,” from Harvard Publi., possibly a hardcopy will due.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

Hail Hail ‘Fredonia, land of democracy, liberal economics, and correct transversing of 14 icebergs of Scientific America, like the Norwegian cruise ships do daily.  Play a song, “to ‘coax our passage, one by one, ‘ever more!”

Abraham Boulder
(Jeffrey Stuart Devinsky)

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