Justice Not Served

Justice Not served
False judgement, to parade “learning to live, relearn how to live, die,” as part of imbecility Humor.

Only that the unbalanced constitution of universal Human causes global disturbance and manifests in actions such as China chomping on meals of China and Korea, genocide in Russia; India on bordering State, and China’s continued effort at increasing “efficiency of China’s economy, and Banana Republic Death Squads in the United States.

Quantum physics lacks much of the weighty performance of atoms on gravity waves. Nano “straw,” for example can make physical contact with you, from afar, say from the width of your nation-state, a thousand miles across.

[To Stop Here a Minute: Theoretically, it may be possible to make contact in random physics motion of another person on the opposite side of the globe and the principle Would Not reflect radio waves bouncing off the atmosphere, but perhaps, much more simply, a straight line between two points on the planet’s surface through the Earth’s physical “spaciness” in again, universal physics.  This theory is Einstein’s incomplete “Ninth Symphony” in that he couldn’t solve the necessary equation mathematically to explain how the contact was made from considerable distances on Earth, and conceivably, contact momentarily, subconsciously, something, in the course of your day, shrugged off with patience from a person golfing, say on the Moon.]

There is sanity and health.  Disorders are called that for a reason.  There is, relatively, order, in everyone whom doesn’t breakdown, from a personal, central nervous system designed not to be sensitive to 8 billion people on the planet, to attend to our own needs.  But not to fail to remember contact subconsciously can occur, and though Einstein didn’t finish his symphony, can interpreted as a touch of very similar genes. And we shrug it off.  But do not forfeit our responsibility to the Joneses on a different platte on the Earth’s crust. Because in quantum physics, the spiritual dances a synchronicity with physical matter.  And spirit may matter, in that spirituality may influence behavior, and we know that from prayer. Only now, we may know it from scientific experiment, also.  And what science may learn about spirit is that it just isn’t nature’s properties, so investigating it is a different study of behavioral science than the physical, i.e., different methodologies for learning “dances on an eternal bridge, involving synchronicity between different fields of investigation, different dimensions of known universe, interplay of two different dimensions, and the need to investigate other dimensions and what their interplay is with the first, four dimensions, and the spiritual dimension.

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