I, Robot–Not the movie–History, baby!

“Marx writes that the hand mill begets the feudal lord, while the steam mill announces the industrial capitalist . But the feudal lord battles his successor, the industrialist. Later the guild master brawls with the factory owner.” (Buchholz, Todd G., New Ideas from Dead Economists, A Plume Book, publ.)

Now this is a scenario to make consider and find your bearings. This is not to encourage or support violence.

Global syndicate involving the Royal and Orthodox and State officials where the gov’t [pretend=fiction] goes Rogue.

The war between U.S., China, Russia, Germany, India, and North Korea. These nation’s officials [pretend=fiction] acknowledge Germany’s recognition of “I, Robot” as a living entity.

So WWIII occurs and the military…turns the guns on the populations, killing 8/9ths of the populations, leaving gov’t socialists only, and legion of robots to do “private” enterprise work!

Robots replacing workers–the new enterprise.  But will it occur without such mechanized, mass death.

Murder was never condone.  Serial murder–it’s great tragedy.  But genocide!!–these are crimes against humanity, such that billions could die and the leaders’ intentions can be foiled before it’s underway.

In the United States, I think there are indications, it’s underway.  Best to confirm what many suspect than leave it idle, having another holocaust among nations–to have Tobor (Robot, spelled backward) the 8th man replacing humanity!!

The sick among sickness is that some Jews may be party to the profits of this arrangement.

Also:  There’s a large allegiance of Jesus of the Orthodox churches with alien dieties of India in cross-cultural studies devoid of a Hebrew God in deliberation.

As an Evret, is this, I wonder, acceptable??!  I am for the Father of Abraham and Sarah.  The Seik has Allah with alien deities, does these Orthodox churches have Jesus without Adonshim? I don’t think it’s possible to have Jesus of the Christian faith without it anchored to the loving nature the Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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