Communist Spirit

Is someone confusing Jesus, Holy Spirit; or spirit of [Father] God: Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love for Hegel’s metaphysics of “it’s this way, so let’s just leave it this way” although he went about it from the fascist side?

With the spirit of 1775, which is the preparation documentation of the Declaration of Independence, give me: “life,” give me: “Liberty,” give me:”pursuit of happiness” not genocidal mania promoted top-down from close association with the global syndicate, and geeks seeking to profit from robotic workers and robotic service providers that crowd out the usefulness and purpose human workers find in work, working with goods and providing services in the private sector, and keeping an economic system of self-interest for a single employee, single-parents employee, or two-income family employees, or two adults, one-income family employee?

Burnout and busy schedules may leave us spinning, but don’t we believe in more than making things work out for us.  That the Almighty God of George Washington [He was not well acquainted with Jesus] stood with him as he does our living constitutions in some states, and our physical presence on Earth; although, again busyness and burnout, and gambling relief fits the bill that always, we work to make payment on and balance the books and put something aside regularly for the future!!? (i.e., monies)

For one thing, don’t you think it appropriate, for those with morals, to count your blessings that you can throw a few dollars the way of playing electronic betting machines or a few hands at the table, well versed in Behavioral Economics so you keep a “steady serenity” for when you win, and walk out the door?

Send money, $5, to and $5 to the U.N. Refugee Agency, do a “search” for the URL address of the website.


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