Boulder Plan.

And now, the Boulder Plan, the Clinton Act, a herein proclamation of investing in our future such that Reformed liberal global economics serves the world G200 “plus” some other, non-industrial nations engaged in world trade, also.

Right to ownership, right to property of liberal economics. Reformed to include nationalization of some American investment, for this our manifest destiny, that we end mercantilism, at least for the present, and do not enslave those that we aid with this infusion of liberal, global economy via Fort Knox.

That we fought a war, that prompted us Westward by Abraham Lincoln’s standards, not to enslave, as investments went West.

That upon, investment, and over the course of 200 – 500 years we can have a symbolic return on gold investment in liberal economics of G200 that yields platinum reserves at Fort Knox, to symbolize our own American economic strength, and the stability that keeps our financial securities at their highest value.

To emboldened us in the revolution of hydrogen power, Canadian mini-power units, and fusion power such that we solve the 13 icebergs of Scientific America’s Earthly calamities, and in Scientific discipline, come to terms with the phenomenon of the Universal ceiling of Sanity of a Creator, God of Sanity, thus Love; that can be expressed in the enduring terms of “Lord, God of Hosts,” whereby “Hosts” are defined to be civilizations lasting millions of years, fully aware that dinosaurs lasted around 173 million years, and the Hosts welcome us to the shared Universe that rhey send affect intelligence that is of a definitive level of Sanity, including practical and necessary mutually endowed Love, present to end the destruction of our, and other species we have sought for 200,000 years. To transverse the 14th iceberg!

Peace for trade.  Love for respect of diversity, and continuance of our biological genetic inheritance! Sanity of a Universal Ceiling with a singularity of Human Destiny that uses AI solely as a tool and any other means understood to be AI Viral, needing AI Firewall for AI Tool restricted useage!

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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