What do we need for work that fulfills our present goals?!


“We want to serve. We want to change the world! What can we do! [Answer: let the Earth be what it is, and remediate. If smaller ecosystems–micosystems–are plausible, create them and make them sustainable.]


[This has] “Nothing to do with belief or religion, these young people describe themselves as having a spiritual problem because they wonder how to lead meaningful lives. They long to live their lives within some larger context of meaning and value. They have what Viktor Frankly calls a will to meaning, yet they feel that will frustrated in today’s world.”


Spiritual Intelligence SQ (spiritual wisdom=keep it constructive), p.20, Zohar & Marshall. ©2000. Bloomsbury, publ.

Two of the top ten causes of death in the Western world, suicide and alcoholism, are frequently related to this kind of “crisis of meaning.” [–Keven added quotation marks.]

We are at War with senseless acts, worthlessness and meaningless anarchists whose spiritual wisdom is meaningless activism on a Satanic applied communist level of communication.

The competition lacks religion and tangible beliefs except those of a mendacious variety.

They want to stop dead in its tracks worthwhile tangible action that puts Earth 1st, Me2 and begins to effectively solve problems that include but are not exclusive to, complex sciences!

Start paying attention to efforts of sustainable living and support President in her efforts to save the species, keeping a vigil Earth-hour deadline by man-woman hours and youth camps!!


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