Geeks’ programs incarnate

Add to that the S.S. of English Dept. majors politically socialist communists and socialist fascists whom become lawyers who write these impossible laws or work with them under private contract for the government or private business.  They, the English Dept., also, as S.S., ridicule science and math, intended to train ever more Death squads at State Universities, working in and out of country to murder scientists and mathematicians, and keep engineers that can build these robots to replace the 8/9ths of the population, leaving goods and services handled by robotics with profit to the 1% whom pay taxes for the socialists in government while the 8/9ths of population starve and methodically axed for sausage, as in China, or body parts for those embroiled in war or traffic accidents or industrial safety issues not addressed, not yet replaced by geek synthetic clones.

I, for one, my own me, feel the diversity of everyone Not socialist bureaucrat or geek creators, are needed, if and for, the human species to survive (a biogentic law).

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

Abraham Boulder.

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