Let us discuss correct behavior, because all else is an embellishment on failure!

debased free spirit behavior>Doc.Divinity;
morally depraved character with literary license to gross embellishment and haughty rear-view displays->English Dept.

For this not to be a moral evaluation, although such things would settle my stomach a bit, I labor with my own child, pregnant with an idea quantum (it’s a rather large cube-it!), of which I need to give birth to and enter post-modern science and beyond for the intents and purposes of being somewhere in the present of the species while not gambling homo sapiens species to the heap.

Abraham Boulder.
–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez (a Latin American name!); “we are creative” Creative Brain, Harvard publ.

What I address presently is the quantum realization prelude to quantum computing which is theoretically syncopated and synchronized, as well as counterpoints of Western Enlightenment with Eastern Enlightenment, Plus an addition neither feels necessary but I marry to the duality: Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love, as the synthesis to the thesis Western science (“Enlightened” to make allowance for Creative Brain text to be applied and effectively seek divergent brain solutions), and anti-thesis Eastern Enlightenment.  That science and Eastern meditations are both ultimately disenlightenments, and that the synergy from these parts is Enlightened tersely or voluminously, with idea quantum, “learn how to live, relearn how to live, death, enlightenment.”

😂Replenishment via nutritional science and not by defeating, nocebos, jarring the nerves of the most innovative, lacking a need for unhealthy sex, clean as it can be, and healthy as well (it was meant to be a deflowering, not a wilting!).

Words chosen by me are the quantum event. Discrete units of ideas in any given “cube-it” configuration–idea quantum, as it is termed. Like a tray of ice cubes, plopping a few cube-its into the glass of refreshments, each their own and discretely placed into existence as “ideas form.”

“Existence,” now there is an idea quantum. To exist, to turn the “switch” to the “on” position. It’s allowance of placebos, innovation, originality expressed in integrative medicine that “attracts” and “enhances” rather than “inhibits” and “routs out.”

Try asserting idea quanta of “creation-existience” as conceptually relevant idea quantum to be “born” on-site @CERN.

Energy of the idea quantum goes to the limbic system of the brain of projector A1 to receiver A2, as affect. The particle content of the idea quantum is in a bar, the countryside, or a bedroom! There in the common subconscious of psyche economy intellect affect social!

Reason is the comprehension of the idea quantum and it’s relationship to idea quanta, Or Gassendi’s, “reason is an aspect of spirit” of affective intelligence in aerie universal flight in the light of the universal ceiling of Sanity, and Love evoked from the worship call of, “Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love,” as the “Lord, God of Hosts.”. Hosts beings of global civilizations living million(s) of years and hosting the affect intelligence of Sanity reasoned correctly in universal physics idea quanta motion and travel from their exoplanets to ours; that we, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, practice and master Sanity so that our leg of the journey to inhabitants exoplanets’ not be marred with undue violence and slavery efforts, and that we, as a species, live a million years, or more!

Vitale dictum idea quantum: “learn how to live, and in time, relearn how to live, an unending process of evolution.”

Idea quantum->physics->chemistry->

biology->idea quanta of living things->

discovery of vitale dictum idea quantum by living things->

Discovery of the energy and matter impetus in all things in the universe by vital dictum idea quantum.

Learning energy with idea-matter, solves divergently to evolve our species. The human organism is entirely wrapped up in the universe, and what goes on in the universe at the organism’s constellation that is consistent with energy (learning) and matter (ideas) performing (formulating divergent solutions for the survival of the species’ outside the box by combinations of failed pathways and nonrepeat of false initial entries (eyes on the soles if the feet)).

Humans first burns out on living, and then the vitale spirit escapes him or her, then Humanity gets crushed by Death march advances.

The vitale dictum idea quantum collapses, but we lose our sense of its motion and the content matter of idea quantum in all things.  That it entails “the workings of particle(s)” and so, possibly no new particles are created–only enzyme combinations eliciting new work.

In other words some form of enzyme-matter eliciting energy for outside-the-box of random numbers in natural selection, which begs the question, “how do we solve the problem, when ‘not- solutions’ fill the box, exhaustively?” or, “what does not work?” changed by enzyme-matter to, “knowing (by empirical collective record of each particle), what does not work, what combinations established that do Not work (optic nerve at bottom of feet), configured together in different combinations, lead to a new path (of string oscillation or biological organ–eyes, from optic nerve in front of face) that by natural selection leads to evolutionary behavior that contributes in a sub-population to full diversity of all subpopulations enabling the survival of the species’ populations?

It’s as though we wish not for a Divine, so rather that scientific Naturalism incorporating the vitale dictum idea quantum, it reduces or eliminates God, spirit, and the energy and cognitive thought impetus necessary to live and relearn how to live via learning.

By the absence of this cognitive dictum, all learning stops entailing survival on the group level, and we cease to exist.

No wonder AI threatens our command of our destiny, it’s control, and ultimate fate (meant for a million years), the Boulder Period (petrified bones–may they rest in peace!)

What is done is a recalibration of the Tao, such that there is a substantial upside prevailing to a parallel downside. This upside is led by the vitale dictum, “learn to live, relearn to live, death, enlightenment,” in that there is a cycling of life through supernova to space gases of organic compounds to space dust coalescing to stellar gravity and planet, moon, and comet formation.  In the range for exoplanets, may be the evolving impetus of the vitale dictum through physics through chemistry through biology to idea quanta of “who am I?,” and “What am I,” and finally, “So what?” In intelligent beings, required to answer that final question, so that human species’ ideas evolve, culture evolves, and species continues along an upside guided a star, True North, True East, True South, True West the Universal Ceiling of Sanity, serving as host to our species to become wise, not just intelligent (dear Professor  Hawking!) and join “homo sapiens” at later evolved State a million years hence, at other exoplanets along the way!

I want to thank heuristcally-at a gut level–President Obama and Philip Devinsky and Allen Weg for their patience.  I feel I was created in environs and ask “the creators” not to take my life now that “I am.” The first amendment of the Bill of Rights is the fundamental inalienable right to free speech and to exist by an act of faith, and with that a learnt optimism of continuing homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!

Cease the relished Tao suicide, stop the Hegelian imbecility, stop the Soviet stupor!  Futures Program recalibrated Gates Jr.; USA, Russia, China, India, Germany! et al. to serve as mainstay underdog (greatest odds; greatest profit).  Quit being royal People.  Serve the main program as underdog with Greatest monetary profit and worth!


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