Take to heart!

Is religion practiced for greatness, or candidly, terribleness? How do we move through, and to, and into the post-End-of-Days, following the Jesus archetype of Jung professing Sanity when things were being utterly torn out, torn apart, leading to “The Fall” and “The Plague” during and after WWII, written by Camus.

Jung said, at that time, that, we the civilized and world societies go into post-apocalyptic period with his volumes on Sanity to study whenever we get Apocalyptic envisioning, and when we begin to act beyond “feeling it.”

This Sanity literature, a thinking brain-exercise that helps develop brain mass when you’re burned out so your not a stereotype disgruntled faith-holder, disgruntled learnt optimist, or your boss, the business has gotten you, possibly burnout–but, she or he don’t know!

And where you’re going to turn on the gas stove and start cookin’, and begin to get on thinking for you by reading literature that can help you go from Location A to Location B, with an old standard dictionary that is the same as the brand in Barnes & Noble, except American Heritage which has a sense of New York City from CityUNY and StateUNY but less education elsewhere. (And there is business whom think from other editors than that dictionary business–great competition!.)

Abraham Boulder, –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.😉

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