Social Contract and lives out of the balance (away from security) because of partial mental impairment. What constitutes “equal treatment” despite “care initiatives” that were meant to do good, doing great harm and blocking constitutionally enacted Justice and Freedoms vs. Racist extremists

Contributing to the security of the commercial lanes in the high seas and deterrence of nuclear war, is it unacceptable to keep these constituents, veterans, adherents to “life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” in the dark of equality of justice and freedom. Practically, these constituents will not be treated in such a way as to be used as laboratory animals for social engineering experiments, maimed, killed by respective states and the State.

Has the State(s) stepped over the line of acceptability, employing social engineering tactics given sociobio ethical approval by “yes-no” conclusions of binary decisionmaking, that cries out for decisionmaking based on sociobioethical discussions of a trinomial geek computer programming, employing a Value Index with values -1, 0, +1, such that the value of destruction being discussed is represented by -1 < y < 0, whereby nuclear winter is y = -1;

z = 0, and has no inherent destructive or constructive value;

and constructive actions and results are represented by 0 < x , the Values x,y,z such that the Index states:

-1 < y < 0 = z < x <=+1.

This Value Index takes into account the times we approach “the warning track.” Assuming we avoid nuclear winter, behaviors have to be opposed engaging in mass murder (genocide), serial murder, and murders as a present,
-1 < y < -0.95.

Other behaviors, involving property or own person safety can be opposed strongly, behaviorally against an Index Value of,
-0.89 < y <-0.8

Seeing such destruction measurements via a Value Index, including negative values, that breach the social contract imposed for self-interest in gaining the greatest amount of goods, x,
in 0 < x <=+1, “own-person” then we can see clearly that the social contract needs to be extended all on equal footing despite prejudice bias and animosity sentiment.

Given that I, Abraham Boulder, am able to evolve bioethics for clarity and measurement in contextually valid mathematical equations: demands, respectively, equal treatment, despite Dept. of Veterans Affairs assessments and evaluations and State-imposed reporting, that can easily be biased and wrong; i.e., manufactured to eliminate my constructive contribution to, and participating in, society, including World Citizen irregardless of State(s) legal definitions of “citizen”–that my inalienable rights, fundamental to Natural Human Law and Rights of Man, Thomas Paine wrote and other authors partook, and partake in. That this then extends to my fiancé and our upcoming marriage–that we not be cut short of longevity, should medical health give us this extension on life.

Truly, the Law abided by my fiancé and me for “life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., flourish despite disability status–equal footing in freedoms inherent in the Bill of Rights and the law protecting us statutorily against violence and actions depriving us of citizenship protections, equal status, and the initial legal document declaring Independence from foreign States and stating our inalienable rights, not to be taken away by governments, or the general populations.

Equal liberal rights are extended to all, including those with disability status, whether it is physical above the neck or below it.  Freedom-from-harm-and- death protections need to be “even across the board” for all constituents.  All other laws pursuant to “life engagement” need to be actively defended for a current social contract that keeps all of us going on the planet, despite Jonestown arguments, besides making merry, and criminally slandering my name and my reputation that I have achieved in recent years.

There’s a time for forgiveness, a time to let bygones be bygones.  Now uphold “fair play,” and do without the criminal slandering my name and/or my fiancé’s.

Social Contract extends to below and above the neckline to avoid the alternative, euthanasia, to disrupt correct, profound and, at times, brilliant thinking, achieved by my effort, despite productivity at non-competitive levels.

Abraham Boulder.

If their murdering, shoot back!

Abraham Boulder.

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