Oafs make merry, and the world has to give up living.

These Bozos so enjoy and enthuse with merriment to burglarize your home, your car, and leave you dead on arrival.

Be it left to various Actors and fill, to sport intense levels of crime to support the global syndicate in America, India, China, and Russia with American private goods.

These thick, high browed legions favor an intellect of meaninglessness and worthlessness, and seem to be encouraged by their parents to be, “anything they want to be, . . . just be the best at it than all the rest.”

So, they become trained in Death Squad corporations of China, Russia, and the United States that compete with the likes known to have occurred in Chile and Argentina.

Having no legal attachment to the World Court, none of them legally have the basis, to call their atrocious acts, crimes against humanity.

All is for the “Up”–a raised Cain. All is for the One–no productive, effective thought. All humor laughs at those who criticize their demented degeneracy.

And it goes on, and on. Criticize their scorching imbecility or stupor and what you get is them as supervisors or managers where you work–you are forced to do very, very high levels of productivity–they are considered accomplished if they spell their names right.

Not to criticize names–what you’ve got, is what you have, and that’s certainly good enough, but when spelling your name is more important than taking care of your health, then, the health of family members; your honor has replaced the need for you and subsequent generations’ to survive through the senior years of each generation and a thousand years of Jew Meseach and Jesus Christ.

Managers, get your productivity up to very, very productive, like the rest of the business.

May your Satan be tempered to live a long life of you, your family, and your secular neighbor.

–Keven. –Abraham Boulder.

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