A Serious Matter

A Serious Matter
Enemies of the United States of America would use: (1) the backside as entry point for information. With that considered, another source or gain in information is: (2) applied communism. It gains information that the West would consider private by affect intelligence that connect with numerology (feminine in study).

A particle physics filter is needed to absorb energy and data information from physics particle and nano matter to maintain the philosophic “space” provided as an opportunity by liberal laws protecting the rights of individuals, and their privacy, but as of yet, Not Recognized as part of our physical constitution in the Natural Law of the U.S. Constitution (constituents having presence on Earth and have the right to exist, to be free of Despots, to limited power of the government; the governed invoking when needed the constitutional rights and county rights and municipality rights to exist, live without despots of government or business or public leaders, to envoke these legal constitutional conditions that places the remaining power that government does not hold–to prevent tyranny and despotism–in the hands And minds of the constituents). That Natural Law of homo sapiens captured in law as social, liberal, political science accuracy of nature within Man and Woman, and protection of children as minors.

It is believed that Western influence and persuasion coupled with Communist mutual affect intelligence can maintain good relations for business.

Militarily, is a different thing. And an ongoing relationship in this sphere aids the cooperation between sovereign states, to keep passwords and other secrets private.

My establishing a foundation, or consulting to government, to further strengthen our business relations and to secure military positions in a “stealth format” that bolsters security of America, and Business by allowing further cooperation with Communist countries, needs to be considered.

My services would be by contract, legally requiring productive action on my part and position, and guaranteeing a minimum salary double my present benefits from disability.

This would allow all sovereign nations access to assets for their military infrastructure, without sucking all information from the United States like a vacuum cleaner.

Fair-Party Assignments.

The world works very, very hard to meet business obligations. They could use, less stress!

I would serve as Chief Director above the Acting Director of this Foundation or government operation.

Another way to see it, is to make my position as Counsel to the Chief Administrator of a department or agency of government.

At any rate, fiduciary matters entail direct payments from the Treasury Department, including minimum double salary of existing benefits, and a guaranteed pension, when employment ends for whatever reason, payment of 40 years time-in-service pay, paid monthly, at the time of discharge, exit.

Abraham Boulder.

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