Truly at a crossroads: take the high road!

Truly at a crossroads: take the high road!
Not only do we have fiction professors, pumping delusion for the State to oppress, torture, and commit genocide in “cleansing methodology” for behavioral economics systems; we also have the “casino mentality” of the gold splurge for gold rings to tie to a pole, a crowd of winners whose “souls are cleansed” by an extermination process.

Why not gamble contrarian, these investors are ridiculously losers. However, the return or take is Huge because NOW is when the odds are Greatest for investing, all-stockmarket mutual funds (“1/n” the Nobel prize winning fraction), bonds, CD’s, and high- interest, savings accounts at credit unions.

These are very secure financial instruments. Research this last statement at the library to know the truth. Education can come from MorningStar or Charles Shwab, Bogle on index mutual funds, Buffet on value-driven investments in stocks and bonds.

Any futures gambling should not exceed three times the value of a lottery ticket.

Now is a time of uncertainty, now is the time to use prudence on investing and choose secure financial instruments.

Let the bubble burst, stay secure and confident through travails lasting 20 years to 40 years, or greater!

Live long, and invest in a wise, secure future.

Abraham Boulder.

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